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4th-Jan-2007 01:10 am - Duuuuude!
i actually liked Titan AE! i didn't know it flopped! how sad.... oh well. agreement on the voice acting though. now Greg Ayres and that Illano... whatever... guy, now THOSE guyes have voices that you reconize right off the bat! i swear, everytime i watch an Anime, no matter how minor the role, i can pick out those two dudes' voices. (Greg Ayres did Goku in Saiyuki, the pope in Trinity Blood, Chrono in Chrono Crusade to name a few examples).

anyway... yes, voice acting is a completely different genre than movie, tv, or even stage acting. even the voice actors admit it's HARD work; and as we both know, if the voices suck in an anime, it's not fun watching (but if it has a good plot and storyline we switch to subtitles and japanese ;) teehee)

okay, anyway, a film that has stood the test of time? hmm.... heh, The Rats of Nymn, the Last Unicorn, Flight of Dragons, Gargoyles, Dragon Heart, Dances with Wolves, and i know this one isn't a movie, but Zelda, Ocarina of Time, i'm serious, that one has a story line that draws the most jaded and hardened people into it and makes them care for those animated characters. ... hmmm.. most of my list is animation. heh ^-^`` whatever. it's just plot, right? well i still watch them because the plots intrigue me even further now that i'm older and more able to understand the meanings behind their 'statement'. i know there's more, but i just can't think of them at the moment. and agreement on All Dogs go to Heaven; that story is something you would never ever expect in a cartoon back in our day... it went sooooo beyond a simple 'cartoon'. it had emotions, moral dilemas, struggle, betrayal, death and murder, it had everything! i still remember to this day that after watching it, i went to the fridge to get some milk and said 'ew... bad meat' because i had thought that was funny in the movie, and my mom freaked and went 'where!?' and came to investigate the fridge. heh ^-^ see? i was copying lines! it was memorable!

but yes. major movies forget the plot and characters. i don't want to sit through a movie JUST for the action; i want to come away going 'wow, that one guy grew so much... to have him change from this to this...' or, 'i couldn't believe she even hesitated! to lower her standards for even a second was so shocking! but then to find out it was all for...' blah blah, you know? i want to come away from a movie THINKING and PONDERING on it.

My dad once said that the reason he takes us to movies late at night is so that when we get home, we can go to bed and think about it; and even dream about it. after Aladdin one night, he said "tonight, pretend your the princess and you get to fly on the magic carpet" and then kissed us goodnight. That movie was already rich with characters and a plot that wasn't unique, but solid with strong characters that had very human traits that made that somewhat typical plot blossom into something else. you have to admit, to have Jasmine actually kiss Jafar in a KIDS movie, that was different! and it just showed how strong she was a woman. come on, would you have kissed that jerk? noooooo, even if i had to pretend to be under a spell.. bleh! but you catch my meaning? to go home and WANT to pretend you are in the movie; for kids, that's what makes the movie. for Adults, to walk away and feel satisfied while still dwelling on it, that's awesome.

I watched Alexander a while back, and that one still makes me think back on it and go 'wow, that was amazing the director did put that in there, and to have the actors portray those feelings so well, and so Roman-like, it was brilliant and accurate as far as the records show'. that movie was long and it drew your attention away at times; so it's not the best; but it still made me think afterwards -and thusly i will watch it again because i know it's one of those films i'll find something else to be impressed with about it.

i'm babbling, i'll let ya go, but totally agree, plot, story-iine, and the character developements are what make movies/shows a success; not the flashy special effects or the expensive actor that had one good movie and is a sudden 'success' for that year. i always find the movies i like the most have the new discovery actors who are in the show for the LOVE of BEING that person; that character they have created before success screws them up; when they are still a nobody, they seem better.

25th-Dec-2006 09:22 pm - Slightly off-topic
Granted, this is more of a modern fantasy, but I'll still mention it, since right now, it's only me and ketto_thrast here. (Hi Mel!) I watched "All Dogs Go To Heaven" the other night. I've always said that all the effects and technology in the world will not save a movie from flopping if there's no good story to hold it up. A story is THE foundation upon which a movie stands. Duh. Nobody reads a book if the story sucks. But I think this foundation is easily forgotten in cinema because of all the other elements involved.

I talked with rob, alexis and elli about Don Bluth and how he went under after Titan AE. I never saw the movie. I only know that it destroyed his animation company. The movie was a complete flop, and because they poured so much money into it, Fox destroyed two animation companies to recoup their losses. I don't know how the story was, but the cast included the following names: Matt Damon, Bill Pullman, John Leguizamo, Nathan Lane, Janeane Garofalo, Drew Barrymore, and Ron Perlman, to name a few. These people alone were so big, that you can gather most of the expenses went to their payroll. I'm sorry, but being a great actor does not automatically make you a great voice actor. Matt Damon, much as I admire and respect his work as an actor, doesn't have a unique voice in my book.

So all this money they spent on getting big names, when the story itself had to have been forgettable. I've seen great stories filmed on a shoestring budget and still shine. Now, "All Dogs..." had friggin Burt Reynolds in it. Not a favorite. And the little girl looked like a young Snow White, which Don probably just said, "Fuck it, this works fine." But that story was wonderful. It had a sophistication and a maturity, which was tougher at that time for a cartoon, that stood the test of time. Which goes to strengthen my view on stories.

So, Mel (and any newcomers), any fantasy films' stories stand the test of time for you?
22nd-Dec-2006 02:46 am(no subject)
Is it me, or is the third installment of lord of the rings the most homo-erotic of them all? Every other shot in the film was sam and frodo climbing over each other. And that last look frodo gives them before he sets sail to the gray havens--- that ALWAYS bugged me! He looked like a doll!

I mentioned in the last post something about making fantasy films in college, or the lack thereof. I'm curious about possible indie films in the genre. I almost never hear of any. I guess the period pieces require tons of money in costumes. Such a shame, too.

"Mirrormask" is probably the closest thing I can think of. I was greatly disappointed by the plot and the acting, but I did like the way they made the movie. It was all bluescreened, but even though I knew that, it didn't really bother me. I noticed "300" is looking like that too. I was looking forward to that till I saw the trailer a few times over. They need to work on their dialog/acting. the delivery's pretty bad.
19th-Dec-2006 01:22 am - duuuuude
i can talk about Zelda? o.0` sweet! heh, i'm sooooo dying for that game! ;.; but i pray that on dec. 25, i shall recieve it -seeing as how it was the only thing i asked for for Christmas ^-^```

anyway; i love that game; and not just because some dude carries a sword and i can control every aspect of his movements. I love the world it was created in. The Triforce -how brilliant is that? it has three aspects of human life; wisdom, courage, and power. And then those three can be broken down further if you want to get all deeper and stuff. but the world is so rich! its so green and vibrant -even (espcially in this new game) the shadow world is vibrant and unique.

I want to create something like that. Something that feels real even though it's fantastical -where plants pop out of the ground and attack you like a venus-fly-trap on steroids. Where trees as old as the world live and have a concious mind and the power to control and protect their woodland home- it's just good stuff when you get down to it.

It has the classic fantasy setting; the sword, the magic, the princess to rescue, and of course the bad-guy to defeat. But the one thing i've learned about playing the Zelda games, is that it's the relationships along the way that makes life worth living. Those relationships are the reason we get through life. Even minor aquaintences can come back and save you in the end. It teaches you that kindness is rewarded -even if you only get a stupid chicken that you later on trade for a broken sword- your actions; if they are carried out with good intensions; are things to be proud of.

Granted, it's a video game and not meant to be thought of on a deeper level; this game just intrigues me to no end. I learned confidence through this game. Observation is an important trait to carry through even in the most mundane of actions (like taking note of a funny mark on a wall that you later learn with the newly aquired weapon you can actually break through that wall and find a treasure behind, ect).

I'm silly and i'm a nerd, but i love it ^-^ and i'm tired so i'll be quiet.

tomorrow i think i'll talk about Fullmetal Alchemist -i'm still on a major FMA kick; and it's been about... oh... six months ^-^``` heehee

19th-Dec-2006 02:52 am(no subject)
I suppose the best way to start this group is to give a little bit of "why?"

If you've read the group bio, you'll know I'm not a big reader. I tend to lose focus quickly. I would say it's the fact that I grew up with a television and video games. I friggin LOVE video games. By the way, those are also totally up for discussion here. But anyway. I've always felt an affinity to the moving image. Even when I wrote my narratives, I was spending most of that time picturing what they would look like. And that really inspired me to go to film school. That, and my high school art teacher.

I never truly got a chance to make a fantasy film in school. My resources were extremely limited, and I figured I needed the grade first. I have to give kudos to kittylexy, who made a film about herself talking to her main character.

But I watch a lot. Even some of the crap. What can I say, I'm a sucker for the genre. And as far as my writing goes, I swore off narrative for two reasons.

1) My life has not been leading up to writing a novel. I used to think I would be a book writer as an adult, but my life has shifted gears so many times that it doesn't seem that vital or even appealing anymore.

2)I have a knack for writing great dialog. I've heard this many times, and it's finally hitting home. Thank god, my descriptions suck.

This has made my life easier, since I feel more free to write in my own way. I don't feel obliged to write a fantasy novel. Besides, and more importantly, I feel that we really need a surge of screenwriters who really love the genre to give it new life. More on this later.

So, I really made the group for myself as a platform to find new people and share thoughts and ideas on the matter. Of course, anybody who doesn't know much but wants to learn is perfectly welcome in my house.

Come on in and talk!

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