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I suppose the best way to start this group is to give a little bit of… 
19th-Dec-2006 02:52 am
I suppose the best way to start this group is to give a little bit of "why?"

If you've read the group bio, you'll know I'm not a big reader. I tend to lose focus quickly. I would say it's the fact that I grew up with a television and video games. I friggin LOVE video games. By the way, those are also totally up for discussion here. But anyway. I've always felt an affinity to the moving image. Even when I wrote my narratives, I was spending most of that time picturing what they would look like. And that really inspired me to go to film school. That, and my high school art teacher.

I never truly got a chance to make a fantasy film in school. My resources were extremely limited, and I figured I needed the grade first. I have to give kudos to kittylexy, who made a film about herself talking to her main character.

But I watch a lot. Even some of the crap. What can I say, I'm a sucker for the genre. And as far as my writing goes, I swore off narrative for two reasons.

1) My life has not been leading up to writing a novel. I used to think I would be a book writer as an adult, but my life has shifted gears so many times that it doesn't seem that vital or even appealing anymore.

2)I have a knack for writing great dialog. I've heard this many times, and it's finally hitting home. Thank god, my descriptions suck.

This has made my life easier, since I feel more free to write in my own way. I don't feel obliged to write a fantasy novel. Besides, and more importantly, I feel that we really need a surge of screenwriters who really love the genre to give it new life. More on this later.

So, I really made the group for myself as a platform to find new people and share thoughts and ideas on the matter. Of course, anybody who doesn't know much but wants to learn is perfectly welcome in my house.

Come on in and talk!

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