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Cue Dragons

Fantasy in Cinema

The Fantasy Film/Video/Animation Forum
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INT. Brad's Bedroom - NIGHT
BRAD NAPRIXAS, a young artist and producer, types on his computer the bio for the "Cue_dragons" group on LiveJournal. A black cat scratches at his door.

I'm a terrible reader. Really. I can't even check my emails without recklessly skimming. I don't think I ever learned the right way to read. I am a sad product of the computer generation: fast and now. I listen to audiobooks and watch movies and television. I am also a very visual person and can understand or convey ideas better with visual aid. I guess that's what made me go to film school.

This group is about the fantasy genre in cinema. A modern touch to 'once upon a time'. I've seen plenty of fantasy writing or book groups but few to none for the moving image. Since I am entrenched in the genre myself, I wanted to find like-minded moviegoers and filmmakers.

Feel free to discuss or opinionate on any film, video or animation from the fantasy genre, but know that this is also a place for writers and filmmakers to communicate their own ideas and projects in the hopes of lighting the world of fantasy in cinema.

Rule #1: Don't be a jerk.
Rule #2: No outside food.