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Cue Dragons
Fantasy in Cinema
Slightly off-topic 
25th-Dec-2006 09:22 pm
Granted, this is more of a modern fantasy, but I'll still mention it, since right now, it's only me and ketto_thrast here. (Hi Mel!) I watched "All Dogs Go To Heaven" the other night. I've always said that all the effects and technology in the world will not save a movie from flopping if there's no good story to hold it up. A story is THE foundation upon which a movie stands. Duh. Nobody reads a book if the story sucks. But I think this foundation is easily forgotten in cinema because of all the other elements involved.

I talked with rob, alexis and elli about Don Bluth and how he went under after Titan AE. I never saw the movie. I only know that it destroyed his animation company. The movie was a complete flop, and because they poured so much money into it, Fox destroyed two animation companies to recoup their losses. I don't know how the story was, but the cast included the following names: Matt Damon, Bill Pullman, John Leguizamo, Nathan Lane, Janeane Garofalo, Drew Barrymore, and Ron Perlman, to name a few. These people alone were so big, that you can gather most of the expenses went to their payroll. I'm sorry, but being a great actor does not automatically make you a great voice actor. Matt Damon, much as I admire and respect his work as an actor, doesn't have a unique voice in my book.

So all this money they spent on getting big names, when the story itself had to have been forgettable. I've seen great stories filmed on a shoestring budget and still shine. Now, "All Dogs..." had friggin Burt Reynolds in it. Not a favorite. And the little girl looked like a young Snow White, which Don probably just said, "Fuck it, this works fine." But that story was wonderful. It had a sophistication and a maturity, which was tougher at that time for a cartoon, that stood the test of time. Which goes to strengthen my view on stories.

So, Mel (and any newcomers), any fantasy films' stories stand the test of time for you?
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